30 Days Wild 2017

Thirty days, thirty 30-second sound bites.

A short sharp break from the hot weather as rain and thunder moves in.

Lunchtime stroll over the Lady Julian Bridge in Norwich.

Not as hot today. The woodland walk by the River Wensum was full of birdsong.

Back to work after a break and back to walking along the Marriott’s Way. I heard a fair bit of flapping and commotion and looked up to see two Jays attacking a Crow of some kind.

30 days Wild

The Wildlife Trusts in the UK are challenging us all to go wild for the thirty days of June.

My plan is to record a 30 second soundbite on each day and upload it onto my Soundcloud  page.

Once the challenge is over I plan to do some a little special with the recordings, but you’ll have to wait until the end of the month to find out what!

So on the eve of this fun challenge, here’s a little taster of what I think is a Long-Tailed Tit on the Marriott’s Way in Norwich that I heard on my way home this evening.